Open, Programmable, and Virtualized 5G Networks

This website is an annotated list on recent open source software and frameworks for programmable and virtualized 5G cellular networks, with a full stack and end-to-end perspective. The different sections of the website list software projects and frameworks that can be used to build a software-based 5G networks, including the Radio Access Network (RAN), the Core Network, O-RAN, virtualization and orchestration frameworks, and open hardware and testbeds on which such software can run.

This website itself is open source and hosted on Github, so that anyone can contribute relevant information and keep it up to date. It is maintained by researchers at the Institute for the Wireless Internet of Things at Northeastern University, who have co-authored the paper at the base of this project:

Leonardo Bonati, Michele Polese, Salvatore D’Oro, Stefano Basagni, and Tommaso Melodia, Open, Programmable, and Virtualized 5G Networks: State-of-the-Art and the Road Ahead,” Computer Networks, vol. 182, December 2020. [web] [pdf] [bibtex]

Join us for the Open 5G Forum

The Open 5G Forum is a virtual event with talks and tutorials on open and open source software and frameworks for 5G and beyond. The goal is to engage experts, developers, and researchers to better understand the software for the 5G ecosystem. The tutorials will be developed as experiences on Colosseum, a publicly available software-defined wireless network emulator. Our program includes speakers from the Open Networking Foundation, srsRAN, Eurecom, Northeastern University, Mavenir, VMware, and more.