Open 5G Forum - Fall 2021

Open 5G Forum - A virtual event on open and open source software for 5G - Fall 2021 edition (RAN software)

Mobile networks are transitioning from monolithic architectures, based on dedicated “black-box” hardware with proprietary firmware and software, to disaggregated deployments based on open source software that runs on generic SDR or “agnostic” computing devices. This trend is not new to cellular networking, as it has been part of the general discussion around 4G cellular networks. However, while software-based design represents a relatively recent evolution in the context of 4G networks, 5G specifications have foreseen the flexible deployment of agile, softwarized services already in their early stages, with their application to key infrastructure components such as the core, the RAN and the edge cloud.

The Open 5G Forum is a virtual event with talks and tutorials on open and open source software and frameworks for 5G and beyond. The goal is to engage experts, developers, and researchers to better understand the software for the 5G ecosystem. The tutorials will be developed as experiences on Colosseum, a publicly available software-defined wireless network emulator. Check out the program below, which includes speakers from the Open Networking Foundation, srsRAN, Eurecom, Northeastern University, Mavenir, VMware, AT&T, University of Ottawa, and more.

We also provide a companion website with an annotated list of open source software for 5G, based on this paper.